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ALOK SINHA shows gratitude for defence people With Udchalo

ALOK SINHA shows gratitude for defence people With Udchalo

Mr. Ravi Kumar, Founder & CEO, UdChalo, national startup award winners 2021, expressed an exclusive partnership for their realty business in DELHI/NCR with World Busines Centre

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You must have seen various builders in the town, but when it comes to World Infracons Pvt Ltd- CMD, Mr.Alok Sinha, It is a different strategy and perspective he carries for his business. And to justify these statements, there is amazing news of a meeting held between World Infracons -CMD Mr. Alok Sinha (1st From left ), Mr. Deep Ajwani(Cheif marketing officer, UdChalo (Center ) and Mr. Ajay Bhutada, Vive President-Offline Sales (3rd from Left) to discuss the futuristic strategy of collaboration of WBC and Udchalo.

udChalo was formed in 2012 to provide an unmatched travel experience to our soldiers, who are always on the move. Complicated sites and high fares made flying for our real heroes nearly impossible. The idea of ‘Making Life Simpler for Our Soldiers’ took place on September 14, 2012, and since then they have been continuously working towards the same idea with pride and gratitude.

Alok SInha with Udchalo CMD

Mr. ALOK SINHA shows gratitude for serving the defence people.

Mr, Alok Sinha had shown immense interest. After understanding the concept behind Udchalo, Real estate service, for people, especially in defense forces, as Alok Sinha -CMD World Infracons being an educationist, had always been involved in serving the society back in one or the other form.

The meeting has been concluded on a very positive note by both of the company levels and you all might can see a new phase of the World Business Centre. Coming in shape with UdChalo very soon

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